Drug-free, on-the-go therapy for improved breathing and pain relief

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therapy for congestion and pain relief which can be used alone or in combination with all other existing treatments


device automatically activated by skin contact, stimulates internal tissue using precisely modulated acoustic waves

Easy to use

simple and hand-held; our device can be used anywhere, by anyone, as often as needed, with a two minute treatment

rapid relief.

Chronic nasal congestion, a symptom of chronic rhinosinusitis and rhinitis, affects 1 in every 5 people, causing them to experience constant discomfort, pain and fatigue. Current treatments are associated with limited efficacy and safety concerns.

The globally patented* and design-protected BES-1001 device is the first drug-free, non-invasive and connected treatment that provides targeted, rapid relief from nasal congestion and related pain.

Currently in clinical development, BES-1001 is expected to be registered by early 2024.

*Patents: WO2020/245467 and WO2020/245466

How it works

BES-1001 delivers precisely-modulated acoustic energy (PMAE) that gently travels through the tissue to relieve sinus and nasal congestion, pressure and pain.   

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Applied against the cheekbone

BES-1001 activates upon contact with the skin and produces PMAE that travels into the nasal cavity and sinuses, lasting 1 minute per cheeckbone

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Tissue oscillation

PMAE excites the resonant frequency of the sinuses, stimulates nitric oxide release and promotes clearance of the nasal passages.

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Inhibiting pain signalling

Acoustic energy activates mechanoreceptors, ‘closing the gate’ to pain fibre signals and inhibiting their transmission to the brain.

Clinical validation of mechanism of action

oscillation of
congested sinuses


faster mucociliary


better sinus

What users are saying about BES-1001

a game-changing medical device company

We are a Swiss medical device company that develops drug-free, non-invasive medical devices for the treatment of high-prevalence chronic nasal and pain conditions. Leveraging our network of international partners, we are committed to developing medical devices that harness the power of PMAE therapy and continue to research its applications in further indications.

We aim to reshape treatment paradigms with ground-breaking therapies that are effective, safe and that meaningfully address patient convenience.

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